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Ludacris amzawadia mkewe ndinga hii

Hakuna mwanamke asiyependa surprise. Mke wa Ludacris kapewa shtukizo la nguvu kwa kuzawadiwa gari aina ya Mercedes AMG G63 yenye thamani ya $160k.
13549449_245977469122891_857658471_nKupitia Instagram, Eudoxie ameandika:
I was up late last night and early this morning talking with someone I have never met. She is a young woman who has a baby in the NICU and I couldn’t sleep until I worked out a plan to bless her and her baby. Little did I know I had a blessing of my own on it’s way. Give with your heart and the Lord will always make sure you are good. It’s not my birthday or anything.
It’s just my #husbandoftheyear @ludacris being the blessing he is to me. I thank you and love you for always thinking of me and all that you do for our family. We love you so much